AICHI World Classic Car Festival In TOKONAME


A huge gathering of 300 classic cars from around the World in Tokoname, Aichi-ken!
Come enjoy a classic car festival with free entry!

“Hello classic car lovers from around the World.”

We here at the "World Classic Car Festival executive committee" want to open the door to the World, just like the Aichi-ken Tokoname Centriar International Airport that is in the neighboring "Rinku district". As such, we are hosting the first ever

"Aichi World Classic Car Festival in Tokoname".

"Classic cars", in particular those manufactured up to approximately the 1970s, demonstrate the industrial and cultural legacy of the times. We would love for everyone from countrywide to Worldwide to experience the "amazing culture of classic cars". Furthermore, we wish to share this "classic car culture" with the World, much as our Prefecture Aichi, which has been called the "Detroit of Japan" has shared an automotive culture with the World. This is why we have created a "free (no charge) festival" for all to enjoy.

The true purpose of this "World Classic Car Festival" event is to overcome just a Domestic Classic Car Culture as well as just a Foreign Classic Car Culture, and realize a genuine overarching "Classic Car Culture".

This may be the inaugural festival, but all of us here at the committee are looking forward to seeing classic car lovers and attendees from all genres.

January, 2018
World Classic Car Festival Executive Committee

Date and Time April 1st (Sunday), 2018
10:00 ~ 16:00
Location Boat Race Tokoname
West parking lot (West side of Tokoname city office)
〒479-0837 - Aichi-ken, Tokoname-shi, Shinkai-cho, 4-111
Entry Price Free Entry
Event Content

300! domestic and foreign classic cars on display separated by country
Domestic and foreign classic cars manufactured
on or before 1979 and separated by country

Swap meet (Flea market)
Car related goods, clothing, toys, etc.
such as minicars, plastic models and parts

Food stands with food from around the World
Food from around the World as well as Tokoname city specialty dishes

Tokoname booth
Presenting and selling goods made within Tokoname city

Stage show
Performance from street performers, entertainers, etc.

Classic car parade
A parade of classic cars from around the World in Tokoname city

Planning / Management

World Classic Car Festival Executive Committee

Classic Car Nagoya
27-1 Morowafukuden,Togo-cho,Aichi-gun,Aichi 470-0151,Japan